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The World of Lineage II

The world of Lineage II is a war-torn land spanning two continents, where trust and betrayal clash as three kingdoms vie for power. The young king Raoul has successfully quenched a civil war and established the newest kingdom, Aden. Elmore, the military superpower located in the northern part of the continent, boasts that it is a direct descendent of ancient Elmoreden kingdom. Gracia, located across the ocean on the west, is currently embroiled in a chaotic battle among blood relatives trying to take over the throne. These kingdoms share a delicate balance of power; however, within each kingdom they are vulnerable to internal strife, as each manor has strong desire for self-rule.

You have been thrown into this chaos. However, unlike the ordinary people who pray each day for safety, you have the power to protect yourself. In Lineage II, developing a character is not an end in itself. Rather, it is your instrument to obtain the power to enforce your will in this world. Seize your destiny! Your own hand will write the history of this world.

Combat System

In Lineage II, what you see on the screen is in real time. Therefore, it is critical to make an appropriate decision quickly for every situation you get in. Lineage II is a new system that pursues both strategic features and action-oriented features by offering client-server synchronization and production of a client's battle at the same time.

In Lineage II, you will battle monsters with superior AI, use skills that need to be selected according to each particular situation, overcome situations through teamwork with other clan members, and experience action that is always thrilling, even when you kill a single monster.

Uniquely Specialized Races and Classes


Humans are the race of diversity and potential. Among all creatures, Humans were the weakest. However, they have cultivated their own destiny and are now the most influential of the races. Among all races, they have the highest proportion of people holding high level professions, and they have the balanced capability to handle all types of professions.

The representative secondary classes for Humans are Knight, Warrior, Rogue, Cleric, and Wizard.


Elves worship the goddess of water, Eva. They have slim figures and long ears, and are characterized by their pure and innocent beauty. During the Era of Giants, they were the most powerful of the races. However, since the giants were destroyed and the era of power arrived, the power of the Elves has declined. Now, they dwell in the Elven Forest, part of Aden.

Secondary classes for Elves include Elven Knight, Elven Scout, Elven Wizard, and Elven Oracle.

Dark Elf

Dark Elves follow Shilen, the goddess of death who used to be the goddess of water before her fall from grace.

Originally, the Dark Elves used to belong to the Elven tribes. When the Elves were defeated by Humans, some of the Elves decided to learn black magic, the power of Gran Kain and Shilen, in order to obtain the power to defeat Humans. Their overall appearance is similar to that of Elves. However, they are taller and have dusky skin and silver hair.

Dark Elves evolve into Palus Knight, Assassin, Dark Wizard, and Shillien Oracle classes.


Orcs, the race of fire, serve Paagrio. Among all the races, they have the most powerful physical strength.

After the destruction of the giants, they were able to chase out the force of Elves and gain the most powerful position on the continent. However, they were defeated by the Elf-Human alliance, and are now living in the arctic territory located in the northern part of the continent.

Orc secondary classes consist of Orc Raider, Monk, and Orc Shaman.


The Dwarves are the race of earth. They like to create things, possessing strong physical power and excellent manual dexterity.

After the destruction of the giants, the Dwarven race adopted the policy of "siding with the most powerful," and as a result they became an isolated race being hated by all other races. Their structure of society can be compared to a giant corporation. Even though Humans rule over the continent, Dwarves are renowned for their business savvy and capacity for organization. The Dwarf classes are divided into Scavengers, who find and retrieve raw materials, and Artisans, who manufacture products out of raw materials.

Raising Dragons

The taming system in Lineage I allowed players to tame dogs and wolves as pets. A pet system exists in Lineage II as well. However, this time not only can you raise a wolf, but also a dragon.
The system for raising a dragon is somewhat different from the general taming system. If you would like to raise a dragon, you must first obtain the Hatchling from a quest. The Hatchling is similar in size to a dog, cute in appearance, and considers and obeys the player who hatched him as a parent. The Hatchling fights like other pets and gradually grows as it gains experience.

When the Hatchling reaches a certain level of experience, the second stage of raising your dragon begins: the Hatchling becomes a Strider. The Strider is a dragon that runs across the land at high speed, like a horse, carrying his master on his back. The Strider also gains experience through fighting and raises its level as it gradually grows.

To obtain a Wyvern, the final stage of raising a dragon, the castle lord must speak to the Wyvern Manager at the uppermost floors of the castle. The player travels the world on the Wyvern, flames shooting from its mouth as it goes around all barriers, and performs an independent role in siege warfare.

Parties and Clans

Characters in Lineage II have diverse and unique traits. When they combine their power, they can become a very powerful force as they work together to defeat a powerful enemy. While hunting solo in a dangerous area, you may meet a passerby and discover that the two of you are of like mind, and so you form a party.

If you hunt in a party often, you will probably get a regular group together with whom you meet up regularly. Perhaps the group will have various goals and ambitions. When a group shares the same goal and has firm convictions, they will establish a clan. The goal can be mere friendship and fraternization, ongoing self-training, or the overthrow of the current castle rulers. A clan is a gathering of people who share the same mission and try together to accomplish a common goal.
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